Risk & Governance 

This is core to our ESG strategy content framework and strategic planning approach, here is were we take a deep dive into pivotal frameworks that will guide and give your organisation best practice and critical thinking though-out your ESG journey.

HA Omar consulting has the necessary impetus to effect change at the board management, shareholders' rights & engagement, regulations & legal obligation, anti-corruption and bribery level. these offering span regional and international ESG advisory engagements.

Digital & Data

Digital transformation decisions are important during any stage of a clients ESG implantation we help with IT and hardware development planning from design to commission best practices and guidance.

Our data management service approach supports new and existing software as service platforms, we cover specialist technology familiarity dashboards whether its Microsoft cloud sustainability platform services, Greenhouse Gas protocols, SAP's Control Tower sustainability cloud enterprise platform or Palantir Foundry Ontology and others. Overseeing C02 emissions we can support the management of these data processing dashboards. lastly assist by working with Data scientist, Engineers and Subject Matter Experts to support with data driven sustainability solutions.


We provide a comprehensive reporting support from a variety of global sustainability reporting regulations standards such as Sustainable Development Goals(SDG),Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Paris Climate Agreement and International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). Also reporting frameworks such as GRI,IR,SASB,TCFD, etc.

Whether preparing to embarking or knowing where to start here at HAO consulting we will give our clients a better understanding and walk through in sustainability reporting from voluntary to specific ESG reporting.